Regular Communication Practice Sessions are held in Melbourne CBD.

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Courses Coming Soon Will be held in Melbourne CBD:

Innermost Communication I: Are you listening?  

Sunday 15th October 2017

Innermost Communication is the communication that occurs within you, your internal or intrapersonal communication.  Often considered as self-talk.  However self-talk is only one form of your Innermost Communication there are a number of other forms.

In this one day course we aim to improve communication by increasing your awareness and responsiveness to your innermost communication.

It is important to be able to listen to, understand and effectively respond to your innermost communication as it lets you know what you personal needs, preferences, dreams and desires are.   Knowing this is the absolute foundation to being able to meet your needs and dreams, especially relationships, effectively.   It is essential to respond effectively to your needs and desires so you can experience a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Are you listening to yourself?  

This course is a pre requirement for effective self-determination. Which is covered in Part II of Innermost Communication.

Topics covered include:

Communication and Innermost Communication;

Types of Innermost Communication;

Why many great communication techniques don’t work;

Why Personal Power bums out and what to do about it!;

Inner Silence Practice;

Mindset to boost Innermost Communication;

Innermost Communication Literacy.


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Innermost Communication II: Self-determination, the power of choice.  

Saturday 21st October and Sunday 22nd October 2017 


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Other Course 

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Emotions and Empathy:  The critical bridge

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